McFaddens Securities is authorised to deal in a variety of securities, including stocks, options and CFDs and provides services across Advisory Managed, Pure Advisory and Execution only. We also have access to trade on global shares in other markets.

Advisory Managed

For a more active role in the investment process. A  portfolio manager follows an agreed brief and consults with the client for any changes that our advisers consider and the clients approval is final. The client retains ultimate control, and is safe in the knowledge that their investments are being expertly watched.


For when a client is confident in controlling their own investment initiatives and would also like to request isolated advice on a wide range of potential investments. Clients are involved in every portfolio development. Final decisions are our clients, but we will be on hand for advice and counsel.

Execution Only

From investors wishing to buy or sell small numbers of shares to active and daily traders, we offer telephone services to provide quick and easy dealing for those comfortable making their own investment decisions.